Stephanie Marie Altimari - Stephanie Altimari was born in Philadelphia, PA. They have been writing poetry since the tender age of eight. Thus far their writing career has consisted of a series of ”almosts:” almost was accepted into governor’s school, almost finished a novel, almost sent their dad a sad poem for Father’s Day one year. Having given up on their secret dream to become a pretentious novelist who wears berets and all black clothing who chain smokes elegantly, they have settled for engaging in political activism and studying for a paralegal degree.

Har Ama -  Medicated neurotic nihilist androtrash - Pittsburgh - writer/performer.

Rachel Anne Ayers  - Austin native. Rachel loves traveling and drinking bourbon. Has been writing poetry for a lifetime and somehow ended up in Tiny Poetry for writing on the bathroom wall with hair. Rachel is a hypochondriac and is constantly on the verge of quitting smoking.

Aaron Bowen - Aaron Bowen carries a small notebook and a selection of pens so that no idea, however stupid, is lost. They are an enormous burden. He feels like an old man, smokes too much, and worries on a professional basis.

Mary Buchinger - Mary Buchinger is the author of Aerialist (Gold Wake Press, 2015) and Roomful of Sparrows (Finishing Line Press, 2008). Her poems have appeared in AGNI, The Cortland Review, DIAGRAM, Nimrod International, PANK, Salamander, Slice Magazine, Massachusetts Review and elsewhere. She was a featured reader at the Library of Congress and received New England Poetry Club’s Varoujan and Houghton Awards. She is Associate Professor of English and Communication Studies at MCPHS University, Boston, Massachusetts.

Mark Danowsky - Mark Danowsky’s poetry has appeared in Alba, Amsterdam Quarterly, Burningword, Cordite, Grey Sparrow, The Lake, Mobius, Right Hand Pointing, Red River Review, Shot Glass Journal, Third Wednesday and elsewhere. Mark is originally from the Philadelphia area, but currently resides in North-Central West Virginia. He works for a private detective agency and is Managing Editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.

Sami Durnham - Photographer, Videographer, and self proclaimed writer? Lover of books and people! Outgoing and mostly unfiltered. Sometimes beautiful words come out of my head, only sometimes though.

Sarah Fordyce - Eclectic writer of poetry, short fiction, and novel length works. Currently finishing up a BA in English/Creative Writing (w/honors) at UC Davis. I love creating beautiful calligraphic art pieces, rock climbing, and spending all of my free time with my family and friends. Currently working on my first full length fiction novel.

Lyse Lasaro - Lyse Lasaro, who uses a pseudonym to protect his family from ne’erdowells, writes and directs for a YouTube channel he made with his friends. Hailing from a small town in Indiana, he currently studies computer science at Ball State. In his spare time he chases squirrels around campus.

Meghan Maloney - Meghan Maloney is a poet and artist working in upstate NY. She enjoys collage, toy cameras, and reading tarot. She is most interested in moving poetry from books and coffee shops into louder and more unexpected places.

Andrew McAllister - 22/cashier/

Electric ritualist/figurative witch doctor

I write a lot and have a crippling existential dread that has gathered itself from the darkest corners of my mind and now condenses itself in every aspect of my life.

Joan McNerney - Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Camel Saloon, Blueline, Poppy Road Review, Spectrum, three Bright Hills Press Anthologies and several Kind of A Hurricane Publications.  She has been nominated three times for Best of the Net.

Philou - 28, dropout prole, doesn’t belong in this list. Also, I’m not good at this self-referential third person stuff. After years incapacitated by hyper-self-awareness, Nicanor Parra, Jacques Prévert and the Crap Art movement sparked a critical shift in perspective which allowed the introverted perfectionist that I am to stop worrying so much. I have basically no idea what I’m doing, but with a bit of luck it can hopefully help getting us rid of patriarchy, capitalism and this spectacle-commodity society.

Marissa Rodriguez - Tejana, chicana, metalhead, Marxist-feminist who hates fascists but loves bunnies. Her inner queer femme dominates the creative hemisphere of her mind, manifesting in hues of blues and pinks and poems about bitter heartbreak. Her best comrade is her medium-hair black cat, Osiris.

Jason Silver- 20

Reads philosophy and logic, composes music and engages in political discourse.

Jonathan "Cats" Steinklein - Jonathan is a 23 year old Jew from New Jersey who is in their last year of their Master's of Social Work program. They like editing content for tiny as Macro Editor and also creating macros with MS Paint and a lot of hope. They also like cats, cheese, punk rock, and horror movies.

Steven Warren - Steven Warren counts his ancestors among the Santee Lakota tribe originally from Minnesota, currently in Nebraska. He earned his Master's Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and lives in Kearney, Nebraska with his wife, Betsy. Steven's work has appeared in the UNK student journals, Carillon and Reynolds Review, the Bluestone Review, Cooweescoowee, FEM, Yellow Medicine Review, Four Winds Literary Magazine, and  was chosen as a winner of 2011 Sequoyah National Research Center Native Writers Chapbook Series II for his work entitled While a Hummingbird Sways.

Chuck Yanacheak - Chuck is 27, high school dropout, professional failure, and terrible at everything. He can barely string words together, let alone write poetry. You can find him on Facebook at @ace wonderkid. He's from Northern Ny, but you can find him wandering the country hoping to fit in somewhere.