What if Medusa had cut off Perseus's head? What if Ophelia were referenced not as a daughter, sister, and lover, but as a human, to be mourned in her own right, and not in reference to the men around her? In Game of Thrones, the rape of Sansa Stark is filtered through Theon Greyjoy's gaze. But what of her own unequivocal sadness? And how can we begin to subvert these carefully deployed media tactics that paint women as less-than: less than real, less than actualized, human only in their relation to men?

For Issue III of tiny poetry: macropoetics, we seek out the performative feminine, the autonomous grotesque, the rogue-girl burlesque: gurlesque. We want clapback poetry that mocks anti-woman culture, ventriloquism and self-satire; we want power and destruction; we welcome expressions of defeat, of disaster, of desire. The body of a woman has been, in all countries and historical periods, a site of cultural conflict. We seek poems that reclaim the body: the blood, the mouth, the gaping orifice. Feature poet Canese Jarboe asks for the "unladylike," don't-cross-your-legs, your mouth is wide and open: to what end? 

Send woman-centric poetry (preferably by woman or non-men) to macropoetics@gmail.com by April 15th for inclusion in the May 1st edition of tp:m.