What is your process for making image macros? 

usually i find the image first through either normal internet browsing or deliberate searching and i grab it. kinda the same way you would look in a cook-book for recipes and find the one's you like. i load up my app and write and most of the time i realize what my vision is halfway through and spend some time working with the text and the aesthetic to make sure it is consistent. then i send it into the world and wait to see what happens.

What issues do you feel we face as millennials that are unique to us and how do you reference them in your work? 

not knowing if we're doing the right things. not knowing what the future will be, not knowing if we can even remain on earth...i think we're acutely aware of the terror that other generations have already processed or compartmentalised. but we latch onto the bad things and are fighting everyday to fix them, for the better or for the worse of our collective mental health. we admit we're garbage but we have a deep seated desire for change....a weird mix of awareness and shame and guilt. you can kinda see that in my work. I try to emphasise the fact that yeah the world is kinda crappy but i don't like it and i'm working to fix it.

What themes do you tend to go back to? 

the terror, sadness, humour 

How does creating art help you as a person (if at all)?

it's really the only thing i know how to do...i can't change a tire or write music or do anything but write poetry and make macros. 

The artist himself.

The artist himself.