featured artist: avery m. isbrucker

What kind of aesthetic do you primarily work in? What inspires you art and poetry? Does anything specific motivate you to write? Who are your favorite writers and artists?

Defining my aesthetic concisely is hard, as I've never really given much thought to it! I want to make work that's beautiful both visually and poetically, though also offers enough more or a highlight on the text as opposed to the image. I tend to highlight old religious paintings, or medical texts, kind of a grotesquely beautiful idea. I don't know though.

As for specific motivations; the need to stop my lethargy. The need to make something to at least have that and also, now, as dorky as it is, the community I've found in Tiny Poetry, like, I feel bad if I don't post because I feel like I'm not participating in a culture that I genuinely feel a part of. You guys be my internet family. Even if I'm more of an estranged cousin most of the time.

Favourite writers are namely Bukowski and Baudelaire, though I'm a fickle one who easily sways to enjoy whoever I've read most recently. My favourite poem or book changes almost weekly. I'm not impressionable with much, but when it comes to literature my rose tinted glasses are on and at full force. Visual art wise, it all depends on the style we're talking about. Lately I've come to really appreciate Alfred Pellan and Picasso -- but more so Picasso's early work, not his intense cubism. As well as Caravaggio because he is my art crush and one true love. RIP.