What's you favorite color?

grey. also grey blue, grey pink, grey green, grey brown, grey grey
not gray though fuck gray


What aesthetic do you work in?

i'm not sure what you mean by aesthetic but
i try to capture a dream-like quality in my work
a sense of something once familiar that has been lost

nostalgia, loneliness, longing
but hope, too

What artists inspire you?

i get nervous naming artists (of any medium) that i admire
people have such strong opinions about art and i fear judgement
instead, here's some other things i find inspiring:

fog, rooms with poor lighting, realizing you care about someone, solitary tall buildings viewed from a distance, going out to breakfast, hypnagogia, faded wallpaper, wheeling west virginia, handwritten signs for businesses, wild animals that have adapted to living in densely populated cities


Where are you from?

i was born in anchorage alaska but moved to seattle at age six
i mostly 'feel' like i'm from seattle but anchorage brings up a lot of nostalgia for me
i visited my grandparents there once or twice a year until they moved to west virginia when i was fifteen

i lived in west virginia for a little less than a year also when i was 19
now i live in brooklyn and i miss all three places but don't want to permanently live in any of them (or here, really)

Birthday ?

august 22 1993
please throw me a surprise party

Favorite flower?

in seattle there's these flowers that grow on bushes in may
they're white and they grow in a big ball of a ton of little tiny flowers
i don't know what they are called
i also like daisies


i work at a hipster pizza place
the pizzas are expensive and only feed one person
the pizzas are very good
the pizza place is like famous or something
it has a michelin star i think
its in guidebooks

How do you use Facebook to create community?

i've been sharing writing and art on facebook since 2012 or something
i'm not sure where else there is
its nice having people that i don't know personally appreciate art i make
because then it feels sincere
to be quite honest i'm not very social online, i don't chat with very many people
i find it overwhelming
it wasn't always that way but
its hard to think of things to say, it takes a lot of energy
i don't have much energy these days



moon temple gets around (though lately, not much farther than to the kitchen and back)
the fastest way to reach her is to observe her internet posts from a distance