when the big bang happened,
all the atoms in the universe were smashed
together into one dot
that expanded itself outward.

our atoms were certainly together then,
and probably smashed together
a few more times
in the last 13.7 billion years.

that’s the only way i can explain
how you feel more familiar
than you look.

that when my knee accidentally
hit into your thigh for the first
and only time,
my molecules knew something
my mind didn’t yet. 

why it never felt like
i had to ask you arbitrary questions
we would both answer in white lies,
only remembering you from
something time just couldn’t
put it’s ticking finger on.

as if my particles have run
into yours before,
just maybe in a different universe.

yet, in every one we have chosen
to come back to find each other, 
and have never failed to create
something beautiful. 

Payton Cianfarano has been studying literary arts for four years and works as a staff member of Pulp, a student run literary journal. She has had four pieces published in Pulp ranging from creative non-fiction to poetry. She has also had three other poems published in The Offbeat, The Bitchin' Kitsch, and Hawaii Pacific Review.