Letter From The Editors

We took our sweet time putting together this issue, perhaps because sweet things take time. Pop culture's lexicon wove on around us: Lana Del Rey's tribute to the original Sad Girl, Born to Die, turned five, while women took to the streets by the millions to protest gender inequality. In the small crevice of a rock, a salamander the color of your tongue made its home among the crags. Meanwhile, large men with small hands signed papers to change all of our lives. At Standing Rock, water rockets were fired at Water Protectors.  My little brother is playing Skyrim right now in the living room as I write this, while chickadees on the balcony eat the birdseed my mother has left for them on a banister of snow. In airports adjacent our quiet towns, legal residents have been denied entry back to their homes, never mind their dogs, apartments, families, and jobs. My dog, and Tom Brady, are both unaware of the change. What can be said, except that people keep on writing. We keep writing, keep shining, as if - as Ashton Frankie Rogers notes, "our lives depend on it."Because they do.


Feel like a kid again with Toronto-born spoken word poet, Sabrina Benaim.


Daniel Iacob takes you across time and place with his poetry on the manifestation of seasons.


Spokane-Resident performance poet Fitz Fitzpatrick takes you to outerspace and beyond.


See the sudden inspiration and rigorous structuring of Lucas Lysne, with a multitude of pets, pics, and proliferant propositions. 

Daneil Ian Turtle

Daneil Ian Turtle