a dusting snow

by Rollo Nye
photo by Brittany and Gregory McMahon

photo by Brittany and Gregory McMahon

a dusting snow
blue tinged the
spruce laurels
in early morning’s
powdered light



by Mikal Shkreli

I’ve been searching for
Valleys of space,

I’ve been finding flowers
All over the place. 


by Nicole Molière

Hopeful, your best self
Waits upon the mountain top.
Tell me, will you climb?

fingertip fumble

by Soodabeh Saeidnia

from my heart
a drip
of your love
all the roses
all the flowers
a fingertip

Rollo Nye is a poet living in New York. His poems have recently appeared in minor literature{s} and will soon be published in the Avatar Review and The Red River Review.

Mikal Shkreli  is 26 years old, founder of Mushakka, and a poet and artist in NYC. He believes art is a practice of self exploration and self expression, and is am drawn to the intelligence of its beauty, as a spiritual art.  

Nicole Molière is a poet, essayist and flash nonfiction writer with a degree in journalism from Louisiana State University. Her work has appeared most recently in Elohi Gadugi Journal, The Washington Post and New Orleans by New Orleans, a literary and visual art anthology about the Crescent City.


Soodabeh Saeidnia originally is a Persian and now living in New York. Although her education is related to Pharmaceutical Sciences, she loves literature and poetry, and writes her poems and scientific articles and books in both Farsi and English. She is a scientist and researcher as well as a published author. Her poems have been published in a number of the US magazines and literary journals.