mountain poem


If I come back again
Please make me a mountain
Why a mountain?
To be left alone
Won’t you be lonely?
I will have the sun and clouds
The moon and stars
Thunder and lightning to keep me company
Bears and mountain lions will rely on me for sustenance
Great birds will burden my shoulders
Smaller birds will crap on me
So bring me, Coyote
Let him make his home in my womb
I will get the feeling of an expectant mother
Creation in my belly

Jonathan Taylor is an Anishnaabe from the Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario, Canada. He writes poetry and teaches the Anishnaabemowin language to children and adults. Jonathan’s writing has appeared in Red Ink Magazine, The Yellow Medicine Review, Quills: Canadian Poetry Journal, and the Muckleshoot Review. He belongs to the Turtle clan and writes for Crazy Horse and NDN girls.