starry ladder, a sonnet

Маленький Принц

This planet blue revolves around an axis,
My eyes are bluish-gray, I’m feeling blue;
This humdrum mediocrity is taxing,
The life around is full of dullish hues…

Imprisoned man, chauffeur, his cell  - the taxi;
His life – a trap, a slow death, a feud.
A pretty wife: her chores are taxing axes,
Her pleasures? – rather vulgar, gray and few.

But let us be unlike the caged people,
And let us wander to the stars, entwining hands…
You’re so beautiful, I’m breathless – not to flatter.

Let’s grow stronger, never old and never feeble,
As artists, lovers, editors and friends.
Look, there in the dark a starry ladder…