ode to the lover who moved to california


One day you'll be on tinder and you'll be swiping, swiping, bemoaning the fuckboys and general desperation of tinder, and suddenly, a boy will pop up! He'll look so much like California boy, you'll do a double take. You'll open his profile and swipe through his pictures and your heart will race because he will be the cutest boy you've ever seen, with just as many common interests as he has good looks. You'll be bold. You'll "superlike" him. You won't match, and you'll feel crestfallen. The next morning, your phone will beep, with a message from CB's doppelgänger. "Would you rather have chainsaws for hands or shotguns for feet?" he'll ask. You'll both agree that shot guns for feet would absolutely be the preferable affliction, and with that response, the greatest romance you've ever experienced will be born.

Eva is a scientist pretending to be an artist. She likes photography, writing, and going on adventures. She plays pinball better than most. She lives in seattle with her Mogwai that people think is a dog.