misery dares


My fantasies always work against me
Beer in an unnecessarily large bathtub
Xanax in my old bat mitzvah Kiddush cup
That hair-pull way you know what to say in between the weary green
(I look down at myself underwater, round hips, knobby knees, my mother,
chin drops into bubbles I murmur) take all of me out on me

self-exposure in isolation


All the ways you
gaslight my tongue
Spit in the direction
where you think I take up

Never listening though.
Just a thorn you can
taste. Sixty-four million seconds
I would write a love poem

but there was none You were
a dog dog dog and I sunflower grew back inside
permanently twisted with an aerial spinal zipper fly

moon pie


pushing back nose cartilage
age 6
Britney Spears schnozzola: ultimate wish
Barbie, that shikse
Ava Garner perfection
Hitler’s dick’s idolatry
Jewish lady Barbara knew,
plastic bodies with
aprons and red cherries
microwaved dough filled
forgiveness -- just gefilte fish
with a little contempt and
a birthday wish - never forget,
any swan could
turn to violence

Rachel Kass was a writer before she could write. She's working toward her MFA in Poetry at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.  Rachel served as a Resident Editor for Nomadic Press in the Fall of 2015, and her flash fiction can be found online at GUTFIREmagazine.com.  Rachel is a collector of socks, an overzealous cat lady and an advocate for mental health.