skim milk leaks from her cracked nipples
dripping over what once was soft skin-
now pulled and stretched across hard stone breasts-

the pale ribbon trickles down down down
over beetled ribs
a hollow stomach

its wet trail leaves salty, yellow residue
in the bramble of thick black hair
between her thighs

continuing its journey down down down
it crawls over her knobby knees
dribbling down her shins

and into
the tin pail beneath her feet-
the drops ping a delicate tune-

she is nearly empty now
as the brute wipes his mouth
with the back of his hand



the courage to slap that slick gash,
while the innocuous shock sends me
crawling into your glorious mouth?



stick to your chin and still
you grope with your tongue
at my scratchy shore.

Rebecca S. Katz is an independent film producer and writer based in Los Angeles. She has a degree in English Literature from Tufts University and an MFA in Film Producing from USC. She has produced documentaries with Shine Global in New York and independent short films in Los Angeles. She helps run the Creative Producing Initiative at the Sundance Institute and is a founding member of 3G @ LAMOTH, a group composed of grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors with a mission to shape the future of Holocaust remembrance and education with a special focus on storytelling.