Every thing is almost really nothing
and yet there are collisions.

Was Jesus materializing inside a locked room
a miracle of probability?

So the roiling emptiness I contain
corresponds to something.

Affirming, but what I cannot bear, then,
is that this all is mask.

We may see beauty atop all this space
but impact isn’t intimacy.

m.nicole.r.wildhood: In addition to blogging at, m.nicole.r.wildhood's essays and poetry have appeared in The Atticus Review,Ballard's Journal of Street Poetry, Lodestone and elsewhere. Her work is forthcoming in The Mighty, Pankhearst and Litro Magazine as well as an chapbook anthology from Tupelo Press. Her nonfiction, fiction and poetry have won 1st place in The Nature of Words' regional writing contest and she received honorable mention in Writer's Digest's annual writing competition. She currently writes for Seattle’s street newspaper Real Change and is at work on a novel and two full-length volumes of poetry.