parting ways

Autumn leaves fell around us
The day you laid it on me
It was the best picture that I’ve ever taken
Your collar turned up to the cool air
Walking away

miss hill & miss her

Ms. Hill is talking to the audience
About her next song a love song
And how she came about it
When I close my eyes
She`s singing to me
It`s your voice doing the crooning
Of course I can’t remember
The way you sound
But I do recall your radiance
The most beautiful creature
That I have ever seen
And your eyes Miss Thing
Some trickster stole the sun
And hid it behind your eyes
Lauryn Hill disappeared
After her landmark album
Then you disappeared too
They say she lost her mind
While you stay on mine
You`re not coming back
She`s been threatening one for years

Jonathan Taylor is an Anishnaabe from the Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario, Canada. He writes poetry and teaches the Anishnaabemowin language to children and adults in his community. Jonathan’s writing has appeared in Red Ink Magazine, The Yellow Medicine Review, Quills Canadian Poetry Journal, and the Muckleshoot Review. He belongs to the Turtle clan and writes for Crazy Horse and NDN girls.